Tamir Airways Ltd. is the leading private airline in Israel

Tamir Airways Ltd. was founded in 2004,
and today it is the leading private airline in Israel.
Tamir Airways specializes in private flights of all kinds to a variety of destinations in Israel and abroad: business and leisure travel, aerial photography expeditions, delegations, and more. In addtion to private jet flights, Tamir Airways is proud to offer private helicopter flights for individuals and small groups.

Tamir Airways Ltd. is renowned for its professionalism, discretion, safety, and courteous customer service, providing solutions to a wide range of consumer flight needs with strong attention to our guests’ privacy and confidentiality. At Tamir Airways, our staff is available 24/7, always ready to provide timely, professional service and dedicated personal attention.

Tamir is operated and managed by highly experienced aviation professionals and adheres to the highest maintenance and safety standards. Among our esteemed clients: the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Office of the Prime Minister, Elta, Rafael, the Air Industry, the Ministry of Tourism, and more. Tamir Airways Ltd. has both a commercial and an operational license and maintains the standards of the Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Transport, and international authorities.

Is this supposed to be Israeli Aerospace Industries?

Our Team: The Tamir Airways professional team, made up of pilots and operations, air, and ground crews, brings decades of combined experience in domestic and international aviation.

The pride of Tamir Airways is our team of pilots — among the finest and most experienced in Israel. Our pilots have logged thousands of domestic and international flight hours and undergo continued professional development in training simulators in order to maintain the highest level of professionalism and safety. Likewise, our helicopter crew consists of Israeli Air Force pilots with extensive flight experience and thousands of flight hours under their belts.
Our dedicated operations team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to deliver the  highest quality customer care throughout the entire guest experience: from point of contact to final arrival. The Tamir Airways team is committed to taking care of our valued guests both in the air and on the ground, from the big picture to the smallest of details, including seamless ground services.