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Tamir Airways Ltd. is the leading private airline in Israel. Tamir Airways Ltd. specializes in providing a special solution to our customers that is suitable for every passenger and every type of flight.

We operate private flights, flights for business people, executives, delegations, tourists and more.

High above all

Booking a flight consists of dozens of details and big and small decisions that produce the desired whole. We will be there for you, we will make sure you do not forget any significant details, we will refine the needs, we will follow the flight plan and decision making process, we will give you good advice, we will chart a reliable way for you and we will not forget to let our relative advantage be reflected in every product. And your personal well-being.

As a private airline, specializing in flying customers to a variety of different destinations and purposes, we have the knowledge, experience and ability to optimally match a product to the name for which it was purchased. We will find and offer you the package that is especially suitable for you, in order for you to reach your destination in the shortest possible time, in the safe and appropriate route and accompanied by the passenger composition of your choice.

Using one of our range of aircrafts and helicopters, we will know how to enable you to purchase the perfect experience for you while addressing budget versus purpose, and need versus supply. For us, you are the one who outlines your flight experience, we are here to realize it for you.

Prestige expresses values of comfort, quality, reliability and striving for perfection.

Tamir Airways, as a long-standing private company in the field of private aviation, engraving of her flag its pursuit of a prestigious and value-added service tailored to each passenger according to his needs and aspirations.

We are committed and make sure to express our added value through a prestigious and unique level of service.

Our basic premise is that Premium Service begins with individual learning of the customer’s needs and tailoring the special “package” to him personally. This is the basic concept in society.

For us, first class is a way of life and not a row of seats on a plane.