Private Flight

A private flight makes everything more accessible, easier, and closer than ever

Tamir Airways specializes in customizing the flight experience to each guest’s needs and preferences. Whether traveling for business or for leisure, our guests deserve to get from one destination to the next quickly, conveniently, and efficiently.

The benefits of private flights over regular commercial flights are reflected throughout the travel experience, and the increasing demand for Tamir Airways’ services is a testament to a uniquely enjoyable guest experience.

When it comes to convenience and efficiency, our service is unmatched. We are experts at crafting intelligent, tailor-made flight schedules for optimal utilization of each guest’s valuable time. From outlining the shortest flight route to landing at hundreds of airports, even at off-the-beaten-path destinations, we’re equipped to custom build a flight experience that’s light-years more comfortable than commercial travel.

The Tamir Airways advantage is particularly significant for business travelers who frequently have complex travel schedules, multiple destinations, or other challenges that commercial airlines aren’t equipped to handle. Our limitless flexibility and superior understanding of the aviation world allow us to provide streamlined solutions matched to each guest’s special circumstances.


These same benefits make for unforgettable leisure travel as well, allowing guests to reach unique destinations where other airlines can’t fly. For travelers who want to escape to truly special destinations, a private flight with Tamir Airways makes it possible to skip time-wasting stopovers and frustrating flight connections and cut straight to the vacation part of your vacation. It gives new meaning to the word “freedom.”[MOU1] 

For guests who want a bird’s-eye view of the beauty of the Land of Israel while relaxing in luxurious leather armchairs, a helicopter flight is a fantastic way to enjoy Israel’s breathtaking landscapes. And because we own our helicopters, we are able to get our guests anywhere in the country efficiently and quickly, including to unique and out of the way locations.

Tamir Airways offers private flights in our fleet of luxurious aircraft, operated by highly skilled and professional aviation crews. Our superior safety record and impeccably high quality standards allow our guests to travel with confidence; our cordial hospitality, fine catering, and bright and professional flight staff create a unique luxury atmosphere.